The Re London Shoreditch pride themselves on providing value for money accommodation and facilities for tourists and business people alike.

Many hotels in the area tend to attract to those on a business account, this subsequently drives prices up. Considering our prime geographical location we believe we offer the most cost effective option for those of us not lucky enough to have access to a business account. Many people often comment after staying at our City of London Hotels that this particular area to the immediate east of the city has retained a lot more of its original character in comparison to other areas. As any seasoned tourist or business traveler will surely concur the majority of Hotels in any city are by and large the same, this includes the geographical location in which they are located.

The RE London Shoreditch are proud to be different and have amply illustrated this by the location of our Shoreditch Hotel near Liverpool Street Station.

In this part of London you will really get a feel for the area and the diverse range of characters which inhabit it. As previously mentioned this particular area is generally regarded as the heartland for the best in contemporary art. Notable artists such as Damien Hurst and Tracy Emin have made their homes nearby and are said to be regular fixtures at the gallery openings and associated events in the area. The beauty of this particular area is, in a nut shell, its diversity.

If you are entertaining corporate clients the area is also more than suitable with a multitude of clubs, pubs and restaurants that cater for any taste for any nationality. The area is also renowned as a suitable area for bringing international business associates or key investors, the range of options are seemingly endless and you can tailor your evening to your clients’ exact likes and dislikes. If you’ve had a busy day and don’t fancy venturing out we have an onsite restaurant which serves contemporary British cuisine amongst other things, an added bonus for those of you with a liking for sporting events is our large screen TV which is great for catching those live football matches whilst on the road.

For those of you who are regular travelers you might wish to take advantage of the rewards system we currently offer, for more details please see our website. If you are in charge of facilitating any type of event on a regular basis please contact our corporate team for details.

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