The beauty of this particular area is, in a nut shell, its diversity. You will notice a distinct and welcome change to the usual places to visit in the capital with the local populace serving the needs of local people and well as tourists and business people.

Nearby Brick Lane has a plethora of Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants where a curry and beer can cost as little as six pounds per head, if you were to buy the same meal in the more traditional tourists areas you would probably looking at more than twenty pounds per head.

If you are entertaining corporate clients the area is also more than suitable with a multitude of clubs, pubs and restaurants that cater for any taste for any nationality. The area is also renowned as a suitable area for bringing international business associates or key investors, the range of options are seemingly endless and you can tailor your evening to your clients’ exact likes and dislikes.

People who come to London on a regular basis can becomeg a bit bored with staying in the same sorts of places time after time. Shoreditch offer a viable alternative to the tourist traps of the West End. The majority of places of interest are almost within walking distance and this makes the location even more attractive for people on a budget or those who prefer to pound the streets. Some people say you only get a real feel for a place when you walk the streets, constant use of taxis and public transport can take some of the magic out of the overall experience. Whether walking or riding we are ideally located for whatever your needs are, the main financial and business districts on your doorstep and the main attractions close to hand.

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