If you are looking for a business hotel, you need to ensure that it has all the amenities that will make your stay comfortable. Assuming that you are travelling for business, you should always ask about these amenities and services before you book, as they will make your stay easier and more comfortable.

Affordable and Stable Internet

If you are travelling on business, chances are that you will need to access the internet to keep up with what is going on with the business and to touch base with your family if need be. There can even be circumstances when you need to make regular video calls to different parts of the world. What all these mean is that the business hotel you book should have a stable and affordable internet so that you do not struggle throughout your stay.

Study Area

It is more preferable if you have a comfortable chair and desk where you can do your work. You do not want to spend your day trying to find a comfortable position on your bed because the business hotel you booked does not have a designated area for you to catch up with your work. Always ask before you book, or take a virtual tour of the hotel if they have the provision.

Grooming Facilities

Imagine you have a big business presentation, only to realise that you booked a hotel that does not have a shaving port. So, you appear for your presentation looking rugged and confused, and leave people with the impression that you are not serious. Simple things like having an iron box in the room, or a steamer, make a big difference in the overall experience you will have at the hotel.


If you are driving yourself, you should ask if the hotel has parking facilities and whether they are available for the guests. Do not make the mistake of assuming they will have parking only to be disappointed.