If you are wondering what business hotels are, then you should probably get a hint from the name. The defining character of a business hotel is that it targets business people. Their clients are people who are in business or people who are traveling for official functions. They are different from tourist hotels based on their venues and some of the amenities that are found in them. Most business hotels are relatively expensive because their clients are considered to be high end who have specific needs.

Distinction Between Business Hotels and Other Hotels

Since business hotels are meant to cater to the needs of business people, they are mostly located in the busy cities. Most of them are also located within a short distance of a conference hall or a meeting room. This is because people who visit business hotels always combine their visits with a meeting or an ongoing conference.

Unlike tourist hotels that are constructed near monumental buildings or close to natural attractions like oceans and forests, business hotels focus on functionality and convenience.

While it is acceptable for other hotels to not have a study table, these are things that are essential for a business hotel, as the visitor might need to catch up with some of the work in their schedule.

When it comes to location, another thing that is unique with business hotels is that they are always constructed near airports or roads in anticipation for fast-paced travellers who do not want to waste time on the road while trying to access the hotel. The general feeling is always that they have not come to visit the town; they just want to do business and go home. In terms of the size of rooms, a business hotel can be smaller depending on individual hotels, but they are always better furnished than other hotels.